About Us

We believe your business should be empowered by technology, not limited by it.

Since 1986Founded in Indiana in 1986, TLS.NET is a network engineering firm and provider of cloud solutions, voice services, and managed IT services. For decades TLS.NET has been engineering and supporting solutions for companies demanding high growth and security. A local help desk makes knowledgeable support engineers available for day-to-day business needs and proactive help for your business. Incorporating technical proficiency with common sense and strong, positive client relationships has earned TLS.NET an excellent reputation.

Our process-driven approach leads to proven process-driven tailored results.

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Reaching clients…

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TLS.NET Philosophy

We are a company with passion for technology. That passion pushes us to always be creative, but we never lose sight of the common sense needed to engineer and support the technology with a one-bill, one-point-of-contact approach.


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