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Using a Private Cloud to Serve a Busy University and World-class Medical Center

Case Study

university building

This university is one of the oldest and most highly regarded educational institutions in the nation. A campus of nearly 1,700 acres houses extensive academic-related facilities, as well as a sprawling, world-class medical center.

The Challenge

The university relied on an aging PBX network to serve its medical center and the academic side of its operations. The 30-yearold equipment was no longer supported by the manufacturer and lacked the features and scalability needed to support future growth. Parts procurement had become problematic, maintenance costs were soaring, and it was clear an immediate change was needed.

The Solution

The university decided to adopt BroadSoft’s highly scalable BroadWorks® private cloud communication platform to serve the unique needs of both its medical center and academic team. This single, consolidated delivery engine now powers services for more than 26,000 users. BroadSoft’s software-based solution lets administrators create "partitioned" groups with the precise features needed to serve various constituencies.

For example, in addition to supporting all staff and faculty communication needs, they can provide unique hospitality features to the university’s on-campus inn and give the medical center’s emergency care units the ability to connect instantly to response teams by simply lifting a telephone handset.

To mitigate disruption during the move to the new BroadWorks platform, program managers developed a staged transition plan. They were able to maintain quality voice services and extension-only dialing, while seamlessly transitioning to popular new cloud-based unified communication features. All 26,000 users were moved to the new private cloud over a 10-month time frame.

Solution Components

The Impact

Cost savings. The university and medical center have lowered their operational expenses by an estimated $1 million annually, freeing up resources to support other important technology initiatives.

Scalability. Since BroadWorks can scale to support hundreds of thousands of users, the university no long has to worry about capacity to support growth. Administrators can easily meet growing demand and configure communication features to support the needs of various organizations and teams.

Protection of existing assets. BroadWorks is an open, standards-based platform, so the university didn’t need to "rip and replace" existing network assets. Instead, it was able to reuse its call center and other existing business application resources – getting the most out of its previous investments.

Security. BroadWorks authenticates end users using web portal-based certificates, offering the university an important layer of protection.

Simplified administration and maintenance. With a new software-based communication platform, the team can centrally manage security parameters and administer moves, adds and changes.

New collaborative communication capabilities. BroadSoft’s industry-leading software delivers new multimedia and mobility capabilities that are making both individuals and teams more productive, whether they are working on campus or off.

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