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Company paints a more professional image with cloud-based communications

Case Study

Carlos and his small five-person team have built a successful business by selling custom vehicle paint to body shops and car dealerships. The company had been using a traditional feature-line phone service to respond to customer calls. But Carlos knew the approach projected a definite "small business" feel. Callers had to be placed on hold until the right person could be located and asked to pick up. He knew it was time to add more sophisticated call-handling features that could give his company’s image a boost – without breaking the bank.

After consulting with his service provider, Carlos adopted a new cloud-based communications platform that gives his firm the decidedly "big business" feel he was after, for a much lower monthly rate than he was paying for multiple phone lines.

The change begins in the front office, with an auto attendant that now answers all incoming calls. Customers hear basic information on hours of operation and can be routed directly to the precise service they are after – whether ordering, billing or delivery.

The whole shop benefits from improved productivity and collaboration. Workers can easily set up conference calls, share instant messages and even access voicemail in their email inbox. They also can use a convenient mobility app to make or answer business calls from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, just as if they were at their desk. Far more customer inquiries are being resolved on a first call – an improvement quickly noticed by customers.

If you want your small business to project a big-business image, contact TLS.NET about a cloud-based communication solution.

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