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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud-based Communications for Business

Cloud-based communication services have become one of the hottest trends in today’s marketplace. But does making a move to the cloud make sense for small- to mid-sized firms? Experts say the answer is a resounding “yes.” Here are five important reasons why:

You can adopt big-business capabilities on a small-business budget.
When you make the move to the cloud, you can begin to add sophisticated new capabilities to your operations that you might be unable to afford on your own. Think video conferencing, auto attendant features or powerful contact center tools. You can benefit from these and other new capabilities without having to invest in your own infrastructure. You also won’t need to build your own IT staff to manage the inevitable headaches that come with premises-based systems. Instead you will have access to all the capabilities you need, delivered for a predictable monthly software licensing fee.
You can grow – or shrink– your communication resources on demand.
Do you have seasonal fluctuations in your business? Do you plan to add headcount or open a new branch office? Are you instead experiencing a business downturn that has you thinking about how to right-size? Unlike a PBX or key system, a cloud-based communication solution lets you quickly scale up or down in response to your business needs. You simply purchase the number of licenses you need for as long as you need them. You won’t need to worry about outgrowing hardware or paying for excess capacity that you aren’t putting to full use.
You can get more out of your people investment.
With cloud-based communication and collaboration tools, you and your team can stay in touch and share information from anywhere – whether on the road, at home or working from some other remote location. You can initiate calls, launch voice and video conferences, share documents, access corporate directories, and use instant messaging and “presence” information, regardless of where you are. That means higher productivity levels that can help you build your bottom line.
You can deliver stellar customer service.
When all members of your team are able to work seamlessly from anywhere, you can be much more responsive to the customers you serve and the new prospects you’re cultivating. They can reach you on a single office number that follows you wherever you go, regardless of the communication device you are using at the time. You can IM a subject matter expert for an answer to a critical question or convene a quick conference to resolve issues – regardless of where or your team members are at the moment. Remote workers or branch offices can also become part of a single company queue during peak call-handling times to minimize potential wait time experienced by inbound callers. With improved responsiveness to the needs of your customers and prospects, you will be building your company’s reputation and developing a solid foundation for future growth.
You can protect your business from costly downtime.
When you own your own systems, carrier-style reliability is often out of reach. It can be incredibly costly to build in the redundancy and failover capabilities you need to ensure vital communications connectivity is always available. Power loss, component failure or even a simple software glitch can interrupt your ability to do business. When you select the right communications service provider, though, you get protections you would likely be unable to afford on your own. Top providers will host their services in highly secure, geographically separated data centers that are built from the bottom up for redundancy – ensuring that service can continue, even in the event of a catastrophic failure. Most will offer written Service Level Agreements that guarantee the uptime you can expect. That’s an important protection you should insist on.

If communication tools are critical to your business, take a look at cloud-based alternatives. They can help you ramp up your capabilities, drive down costs and serve your customers better than ever.

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